Natural Big Sur Jade Sculpture Art Piece- The Blue Angel HUGE

The "Blue Angel" was found on a remote, hard to get to beach on the South Coast of Big Sur by Jim (Captain) Cook in the mid 1980's.

The cliff above was 300 feet high and by time the stone got to the highway, I owned a 1/3 and Greg Byrne owned another 1/3. Greg and Phil Rodgers took a slab of first growth redwood that had fallen in Ventana's campground and shaped and carved the base.

There are hundreds of chisel marks on the underside of the slanting surfaces. I drilled the stone and it is mounted so that you can spin it with one hand. The stone has never been weighed but my guess is between 250 and 300 pounds. The "Blue Angel" is a "Natural", which means it has not been touched by tools or sandpaper.

It has been sculpted by the ocean and the blue-green color makes it a rare and valuable stone. The wood is attached to a plate of steel on the bottom to give it stability. The redwood has been reinforced with steel rebar inserted into it, to give the redwood strength below the stone.

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